Matt Evans

A Time to Seek the Lord

Sacred Assembly 2024 Helpful Links: This past weekend we called ourselves as a church to a special season of seeking God. This season will culminate with a Sacred Assembly service on January 18th (Rock Bridge PM) and January 21st (Sunday services) and a Day of Fasting on Wednesday, January 24th. We are moving forward in […]

4 Things to Know for the Christmas Season 🎄

4 Things to Know for the Christmas Season 🎄 christmas eve rb bg

1) 82% That’s how many people would come to church if invited by a trusted friend. Unfortunately, only 2% of Christians invited someone to church each year! Remember that our culture still loves Christmas—even though the intentions are mostly commercial. Sure, we can lament at our culture disregard’s of Christ at Christmas but we can […]


HOW TO HAVE A GOSPEL-CENTERED FIGHT Note: Parts of this have been adapted from Pastor Kevin Myers’ (12Stone Church) “Fight Night Rules.” FIGHT RULES: 1. Someone calls for a Gospel-centered fight (apply Wisdom 101). –Calling it “Gospel-centered” elevates the conversation and the guidelines away from our flesh, our anger, and our fears, putting Christ and […]

Do We Pray With This Attitude?

We are two months into 2021, and as a church, we are seeking God in prayer with greater commitment and consistency than perhaps ever before in our history! We see a spiritual hunger in both believers and spiritual seekers. We are processing the deep disappointments and discouragements while simultaneously experiencing the deep love of God […]

It’s a New Year

2020 is behind us. What lies ahead of us? The New Year typically brings fresh energy and renewed hope. However, we are still facing unprecedented uncertainty. This weekend and next, I want to share with you what I sense God is calling us to at Rock Bridge for 2021. Please check out the attached video. […]

Procesando la elección y más allá

Las elecciones presidenciales de 2020 siguen siendo un tema de conversación y controversia en nuestra nación, nuestras familias, e incluso dentro de nuestra iglesia. Las elecciones también han sido un desafío para mí como pastor . He luchado con la mejor manera de servir como su pastor principal durante esta temporada. Prácticamente todas las semanas, […]

Unos a otros

A medida que nuestra sociedad avanza lenta pero seguramente para reabrir escuelas, restaurantes, eventos deportivos y otras formas de vida comunitaria, tengo un miedo y una esperanza. • ¿Mi miedo? Que la gente no se extrañe reunirse como familia de la fe en la iglesia. • ¿Mi esperanza? Que la gente vea más claramente su […]