Are you ready for tomorrow?

Rock Bridge, TOMORROW (January 20th) is our Day of Prayer (aka a Daniel Day). 

How will you be participating in our Day of Prayer? Let me encourage you to go ahead now and pre-decide what you will do to join us tomorrow.

Remember: the enemy fears our prayers more than we believe in our prayers! 

1) Fast from something. (Pre-decide: what will you stop doing to focus your time on God instead?)

2) Pray 3X tomorrow. (Pre-decide: what times will you commit to pray?)

 Click this link ( for the specific options.

  • You can pray in person, via Zoom with other Rock Bridgers, or “on demand” based on your schedule and availability.
    • The bottom line: let us pray until we pray!

God, thank you for leading us to pray and offering us this opportunity tomorrow. I pray against all distractions and deceptions that might keep Your people from seeking You in prayer. Father, we realize more than ever we are desperate for You, for breakthrough only You can bring, for victory only You can achieve, and for grace only You can provide. I pray we may all be refreshed by Your presence and rejuvenated by Your truth. May our hearts’ desire be to see the glory of Jesus reach the ends of the earth. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen!

About Matt Evans

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Matt Evans is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Rock Bridge Community Church in Dalton, Georgia. Matt and his wife, Beth, grew up in the Dalton area and saw the need for a church that would reach the lost, broken, de-churched, and spiritually wounded. 

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