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Time With God

Learn how to build a history with God.

Bold Resources

Navigate difficult cultural topics

Articles + Stories

Bible teaching,  inspiration and updates

Devotional resources to build a history with God.

Time With God

We believe loving God means spending time with God. Learn more here about our free, daily devotional.

Parent Resources

Enrich Your Marriage

At Rock Bridge, we want to walk with you through each step in your marriage journey. We hope that your marriage is filled with many small, intentional, Gospel-centered moments that cause you to flourish!

Read a book together to focus on a Gospel-centered marriage!

Build your marriage together


We invite you to a reconnect through a simple challenge together over five weeks. You'll be talking more easily, laughing more readily, and feeling goodwill towards each other!

Couple Checkup

The "Couple Checkup" tool is a fun, easy way to take a closer look at your relationship and spark meaningful conversation between you and your spouse.

Build Trust

Use the questionnaire below as a barometer to measure the trust in your marriage. Once you’ve completed it, read on for a follow up for each question.

Get Connected

We are committed to helping you grow as a couple in a discipleship community. Join a small group together to connect, learn and grow with other married couples.

Marriage feeling stuck?

If you are going through something difficult in your marriage, we want to help you get "unstuck."