Are You RE … ady?!?!?

Matt Evans

Posted August 3, 2021
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All of those words with the prefix “re-” are things I need right now. In fact, I bet all of us could use a little “re-” right now. Re- is a prefix that means “again; anew.” Two simple letters that perhaps best capture a new season in our lives and our church

Back to school is always a new season and many of us are always eager for the football season to kick-off. At some point, the leaves and weather will change, marking the Fall season. But I’m not talking about any of those things in particular.

Instead, I am asking God for a new season in our souls, our relationships, our attitudes and our outlooks—a rejuvenation and a reignition (maybe even a restart). In conversations and through prayer, I sense we all need this “re-“. And I think God wants to give some “re-“—after all, He is the God of RE-demption, RE-storation, and RE-conciliation.

Starting this weekend with a new series (called “RE-“) and continuing on into the Fall, we will be in a season of hope, expectancy, and re-newal. A season to re-capture first loves, re-gain momentum in our lives, and re-ignite our passion for our purpose. 

This is a great time to start consistently attending one of our worship services—in person or online. It’s also a great time to share an invitation with a friend or relative who also needs some “re-.”  I really am believing and asking God for MORE …

So are you RE-ady?!?

Let’s pray BIG and believe the best is yet to come!