An Invitation to First Wednesday

Matt Evans

Posted October 3, 2021
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Hello Rock Bridge Family!!

I am writing to you with a simple request: 

please make every effort to attend First Wednesday in October (in person or online). 

Now, that is something I—on behalf of our Elders—have requested only a few times in the 19-year history of our church … so something must be important, right?


For a long time now, we have talked and prayed about moving forward in faith, about wanting a church and a future built on what God can do (not what we can do), and about believing the best is yet to come.

However, I recently came across this saying that captures the heart of what we want to discuss at First Wednesday:

You cannot move forward until you know WHO you are.

Increasingly in our society, people are being “identified” by who or what they are for and who or what they are against. We see this play out every day by how people classify themselves and others according to their views on COVID, politics, the state of America, race, etc.

Additionally, as people identify themselves and/or label others accordingly, then divisions, arguments, and confusion erupt that threaten homes, communities, and churches. 

Some people are asking who is Rock Bridge in the midst of all this? Where do we stand? Until recently, we have rarely been asked these types of questions with such frequency and intensity. Others are looking for clarity and a path forward.

This brings me back to this statement that captures where we are right now as a church family—You cannot move forward until you know WHO you are.

Again, please make every effort to participate in First Wednesday on October 6th. After the service, I will be doing an online Q&A Session on Facebook and YouTube at 8:00 pm to answer questions.

The best is yet to come … Ephesians 3:20-21


P.S. – Don’t forget about Monday Meet-Ups in all 6 Rock Bridge communities!
If you wish to join our First Wednesday experience online, click this link on Wednesday October 6, at 6:30 pm.