To glorify God by connecting people from all walks of life to life in Christ

Love God.
Love Others.
Live Sent.

What does it mean to follow Jesus and experience His life as our very own? These questions are answered by 6 words.

Love God, Love Others, Live Sent.

These words summarize the abundant life Jesus offers, the joy-filled path of pursuing life in His kingdom, and the privilege of participating in His mission.

Meet Our Team

  •   Calhoun (15)
  •   Chatsworth (12)
  •   Cleveland (7)
  •   Dalton (23)
  •   Hixson (8)
  •   Multi Campus (24)
  •   Ringgold (16)
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Paige Hicks

Multi Campus · Children's Ministry Administrator

Ridge Asble

Ringgold · Production Coordinator

Logan Coffey

Dalton · Student Minister

Tom Totherow

Chatsworth · Campus Elder

Greg King

Ringgold · Campus Elder

Chance Stockburger

Ringgold · Campus Elder

Ken Cooper

Ringgold · Campus Elder

Bryan Bulmer

Ringgold · Campus Elder

Ken Mahon

Ringgold · Campus Elder

Kevin Hill

Ringgold · Campus Elder

Bud Bishop

Hixson · Directional Elder

David Lipe

Hixson · Campus Elder

This is who we are.

Our Beliefs