Ways to “Live Sent” Where You Are

Matt Evans

Posted March 14, 2016
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We’re all missionaries, and we should live our lives in such a way that we will:

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect …” [I Peter 3:15, NIV]

At Work:

  1. Get to work early and pray for the people you work with and the day.
  2. Don’t eat alone: intentionally eat with your co-workers and learn their story.
  3. Put “Christ” in the Weekend Question: on Friday you get asked, “What are you doing this weekend?” On Monday you get asked, “What did you do this weekend?” Don’t dance around it—always mention time with God, highlight something from church, etc.
  4. Birthdays/anniversaries: know people’s birthdays and anniversaries. When appropriate, ask, “What is one thing I can be praying for you/your marriage this year?”
  5. Avoid gossip. Be positive. Be thankful. Be kind. Be respectful/submissive toward authority.
  6. When you learn someone is going through a tough time, offer to pray for them right then and there. Pray the Gospel.
  7. Be a servant. Do the work no one wants to do: cleaning up after a party, taking out the trash, or cleaning the coffee pot.
  8. Display Scripture or other appropriate Christian symbols and be ready when people ask about it; however, don’t be tacky or cheesy. Be tasteful.
  9. Look for the overlooked. Who doesn’t get appreciated? Whose job is sometimes behind-the-scenes or out of sight (i.e. cleaning workers, night shift, etc)? Seek to bless and appreciate them.
  10. Invite people to service projects, like a HOPE expression. This is often an easier first step than coming to church, and it will create questions.
  11. When others are in need, lead the way in organizing others to help out with meals, visits, etc…

In restaurants:

  1. Pray a meaningful prayer over your meal. Don’t rush this. Demonstrate God’s worth and value that eating is secondary to giving thanks to the One you owe everything!
  2. Before you pray, ask your server, “We are going to thank God for this meal. Is there anything we can pray for you about?”
  3. Be a regular: same place, same time. People are creatures of habit. Perhaps you’ll get the same waiter/waitress or see the same people. Seek to get to know them over time.
  4. When appropriate, leave a BIG tip along with a note or invite card to church.

In General:

  1. Pray for opportunities. (In my experience, this is one of the prayers that God answers the quickest in my life.)
  2. Listen and ask a lot of questions. Listen for their story, their problems, their pain, their hopes and dreams.
  3. There is great power and witness in living a consistently kind, thankful, and joyful life before others. At some point, people might ask you, “Why?
  4. When given the chance, pray for people on the spot. Let them hear your love for God and your faith in His character.
  5. Keep resources available such as church invite cards, books such as More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell, Bibles, etc.
  6. Don’t get frustrated or annoyed with people’s doubts or objections. If you don’t know something, tell them you will find out. Don’t get sidetracked with evolution, dinosaurs, or people’s bad experiences with church or Christians; keep coming back to Jesus and the resurrection. Remember there is plenty of evidence that Jesus did RISE from the dead!
  7. Keep in mind that many people are practical atheists, meaning they believe in God but live as if He doesn’t exist or is not relevant to their lives. Demonstrate by your life that God is the most relevant Reality, the most personal Being, and the most treasured Companion… and be sure to use the Name Jesus!