THE HOLY SPIRIT – Being In Step With Him (Part 2 of 2)

Matt Evans

Posted March 14, 2019
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I believe there is no greater need for Christians and churches than to realize the purpose, power, and potential of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

In this post, we’ll examine practically how we can walk with the Holy Spirit while being led by Him and experiencing the grace of His presence.

We don’t have to wait for the Holy Spirit’s presence … He waits for our surrender.

1) Desire: we must be sure we really want to be controlled by the Holy Spirit.

In John 7:37-39, the Holy Spirit is promised to the thirsty. Thirst is a need and a desire. We have to understand our absolute need for the Holy Spirit, declare dependence on Him, and earnestly desire Him.

2) Yield: we must surrender our entire selves to Him.

This includes our bodies, thought lives, words, attitudes, choices, and actions. We transfer ownership rights from “self” to King Jesus, giving Him full control.

3) Look: we must look to Christ in faith.

This means “staring” at Him in the Gospel and in the Word. We cultivate a “mindset” that dwells on Christ, speaks and meditates on His Word, and looks away from self, idols, worldly pursuits, doubtful habits, and distractions.

Additionally, “in faith” means there may not be any accompanying feelings or impulses; we just take God at His Word—we trust and obey.

4) Step: we move forward controlled and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Keeping in step with the Spirit is what we do when we trust God’s Word more than our understanding and when we honor Spirit-produced desires over the desires of our flesh and the world.

I have found the acronym of S.T.E.P. to be a practical way to live being led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:8-9).

S – Spirit
The Holy Spirit is with me in this situation. I need Him and am helpless to do anything good for God’s glory without Him.

T – Trust
I find a specific promise in God’s Word that applies to the situation. I believe this promise more than I trust my past, my preference, and my own perception. I believe this promise is “Yes!” to me in Christ (2 Cor. 1:20).

E – Empowered (or energized)
I choose, act, and move energized and empowered by the Spirit-inspired, Jesus-purchased promise. I do what it says or implies, and I step in the direction of the path laid out by the promise.

P – Praise
I praise God for the help, grace, strength, and wisdom that comes. I also ask for His pardon for any sins committed.

An example:

Let’s say you are faced with a decision and you want to know God’s will. The decision is not about right or wrong or anything sinful. You just need wisdom and clarity. Typically, you might move forward and trust your own insights and experiences or maybe you would conduct a poll of your friends and family. Or perhaps you might just delay the decision due to fear and insecurity. But this time, you decide to be led by the Spirit.

Spirit in this situation:

You preach God’s Word to yourself, reminding yourself that you have the Holy Spirit and that you need Him to “have” you and this decision. You admit you need Him and your desire to give this to Him.

Trust a specific promise:

You open God’s Word and ask for a “tailor-made” promise that fits your situation. You come across James 1:5 which promises wisdom to those who ask. You start praying and asking God for wisdom. Later, someone shares Isaiah 64:4 with you about God working for those who wait on Him. This is all so unnatural and not like you … but you trust God and decide to obey Him.

Empower your will to obey what those promises say and imply:

You pray more frequently for wisdom and ask your small group to join you in that prayer. You resolve that you will “look” for how God is working before you do anything definite. You assume a posture of holy alertness. You ask for accountability from your friends to not let you impulsively or impatiently make a decision until you “see” how God is working.

Praise for the help that comes (and pardon for any sin you commit):

A few days later, a godly friend unexpectedly shares something with you that seems like the answer you have been looking for in your decision. That night as you are reading the Bible, you read a story that relates to your situation and supports what you friend shared—is this confirmation from God?

You pray some more and a sense of calmness and pervading peace in your spirit. You make the decision and move forward. You ask God’s pardon for a few moments marked by fear and doubt, praising Him for His faithfulness to you.

A Prayer:

Let the Holy Spirit have full dominion over me—in my home, in my attitude, in every word I speak, in every thought of my heart, in every feeling toward my fellow man—let the Holy Spirit have full dominion.

{Andrew Murray}