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Posted April 23, 2019
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Rock Bridgers, as we head into a church business meeting during part of May’s First Wednesday service, I want to share how the BOLD Initiative has progressed financially over the years … I’m amazed at both God’s grace and your generosity!

Back in May 2015, the Elders asked our members to authorize the BOLD Initiative.

Here is how this was officially presented to the church:

Through a process of prayer and discernment, the Elders understand that there are simultaneously both space limitations in our 4 campuses and incredible opportunities to seize for the Kingdom.

The Elders of Rock Bridge Community Church are leading the membership to commit ourselves as a church to the BOLD INITIATIVE. The BOLD INITIATIVE is a 5-year strategic plan to provide more optimal facilities for our 4 current campuses, launch additional campuses, strive to connect 10,000 people to life in Christ, and ultimately, be faithful to the Great Commission and the historic vision of Rock Bridge.

The church voted to authorize the Elders to “lead and execute” this vision by approving spending up to $9.4 million—including any necessary bank financing (initial debt projections in 2015 were $7.9 million).

We knew future business meetings would be necessary to provide updates and vote on future expenditures as the buildings were designed, construction started, and land obtained in Ringgold (in 2015 we only had land for Chatsworth and Calhoun).

Four years later here is where we stand by God’s grace:

  • 3-year BOLD Giving Campaign with over $6.2 million received (>100% of pledges)!
  • Chatsworth building completed—DEBT FREE!
  • Calhoun building to be completed this summer—DEBT FREE!
  • Hixson Campus launched
  • Renovations completed in Dalton Kids area and lobby space
  • Land was purchased and site work started in Ringgold.
  • Ringgold construction to start this Spring
  • Moving forward to adopt church in Cleveland to become our 6th location

Financially, the current picture looks like this:

  • The total BOLD costs will be approximately $13.9 million
  • Total indebtedness will be approximately $5.3 million
    • This is $2.6 million less than projected and is essentially the cost of one building plus AVL and furnishings

Clearly, God has blessed us beyond what we could imagine back in 2015 and the faithful and generous giving of Rock Bridgers has been incredible!

May 1st at First Wednesday, the Elders will present an official update to BOLD and ask for your affirmation of this direction both in terms of our vision and the financial resources needed to execute it. Here is the statement from our Directional Elders:

Four years later, the BOLD horizon we envisioned back in 2015 is clearer and bigger than we imagined. We are now one church in FIVE locations with a sixth one to be added later this year and—by God’s grace—two campus ministry platforms have been built 100% debt free. We remain committed to boldly living out our values of seeking His Kingdom and building bridges to connect more people to life in Christ.

In order to lead our church forward and continue implementing the BOLD Initiative, the Directional Elders request the membership’s approval to spend a total of $14.5 million, including up to $5.3 million in bank financing as needed to complete the Ringgold ministry platform.

The Elders will be presenting this for approval by our members at First Wednesday in May.

After each RB worship service on Thursday, April 25th and Sunday, April 28th, Elders, Stewardship Team members, and/or staff will be available in our lobbies to answer questions or provide additional information.

You can also email our Executive Pastor for Operations, Darrell Roland:

Rock Bridge, I am eternally grateful to be part of this church and believe the best is yet to come!! If you had told me on September 8, 2002 what Rock Bridge would have looked like in 2019, I would not have believed it!!

All glory to God and let’s remember:

the local church IS the hope of the world and God’s Plan A (there is no Plan B).


Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

[Ephesians 3:20-21, NIV]