A Guide to Fasting

Matt Evans

Posted February 28, 2020
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As we prepare to close out 24 Days of Prayer, we will enter a time of fasting from March 2nd to March 4th. We see connections in Scripture between the intense prayer and fasting of God’s people and God’s work among those same people (see Acts 13:1-3).

For many of us, fasting can seem out of reach—only for a few “super” spiritual people. Yet this is a satanic deception and discouragement aimed at preventing God’s people from using one of their great spiritual weapons and from robbing God of the glory He gets when His people grow in their hunger and desire for Him.

So here’s a primer on fasting.

What is fasting?

Fasting is voluntarily going without food—or any other regularly enjoyed gift from God (such as social media or the internet).

We fast from what we can see and taste because we have tasted and seen the goodness of our invisible, infinite, and majestic God. We fast because we want more of God.

How to Fast

1) Expect it to be hard. Whether from your aching belly or simply because it’s new, fasting will not be easy.

2) Start small. Don’t go from ‘never fasted’ to trying a week-long fast. Start with one meal or use a modified fast where you abstain from food, but drink fruit juices and even smoothies. Do not attempt to fast from water for any length of period.

3) Have a plan: fast with your Bible open. Have a plan for what spiritual activity you will engage in during the time you would normally eat. Replace the desire for food (or whatever you are abstaining from) by feeding on God’s Word or listening to worship music or praying.

Remember that the point of fasting is not to just go hungry, but to give up something temporarily to intentionally pursue God.

4) Fast together. This is a church-wide fast called by our Elders so we can support and encourage one another in our fast. In your small group, pray together during a mealtime instead of eating together. Send encouraging texts to one another.

Let’s plead together by fasting together for more of God’s favor, help, strength and wisdom to be on our church.

5) Fast from something other than food. Some health conditions prevent fasting from food. If wisdom for you is to not go without food, consider fasting from television, the computer, social media, a hobby, or some other activity you enjoy … and replace that activity with intentional pursuit of the greatest joy found in Jesus.