Why It’s a Great Time to BE the Church!


I believe that 2017 is a wonderful time to follow Jesus and BE the church.

That statement may sound naive given the political unrest and rise of people citing “none” as their religious affiliation. It may sound ignorant considering our racial divisions, the redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court, and threats of terrorism that exist in our current reality.

Optimism seems in short supply.

But I think these conditions are ripe with possibilities for the church and for us as Christ-followers. Rather than curse the darkness around us, we can truly light a candle of hope and truth that blesses a burdened world. The world is hungry for a vision that inspires hope instead of fear, and it’s longing for a connection to a great cause and a loving community. And this is exactly the news Jesus told His followers to share, saying, “As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The Kingdom from heaven has come near!’” (Matthew 10:7)

This weekend we’re going to share the vision of Rock Bridge Community Church and the “why” of our existence.

This weekend we’ll share why it’s a great time to be alive, be the church, and be sent by Jesus into the world.

This weekend we’ll remind ourselves why God started this church 15 years ago and why our boldest moments are our best moments.

This weekend we’ll celebrate the progress of our BOLD Initiative (it’s halftime!) and, in faith, anticipate that the best is yet to come.

That makes this weekend a great time to attend one of our worship services and bring a guest with you. Who do you know … that needs hope? Is looking for a church home? Is longing for a cause to live for? Bring them to Rock Bridge with you this weekend!

About Matt Evans

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Matt Evans is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Rock Bridge Community Church in Dalton, Georgia. Matt and his wife, Beth, grew up in the Dalton area and saw the need for a church that would reach the lost, broken, de-churched, and spiritually wounded.