The Annual Rock Bridge Budget: 2017

Matt Evans

Posted December 29, 2016
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Each year Rock Bridge members have an opportunity to review and adopt our annual

budget. The budget is a combination of wise stewardship, faith for the future, and fiscal

restraints that strategically advance our mission and reflect our most recent priorities,

while protecting the financial integrity of the church.

The budget is only one part of how we “strive for excellence” in financial integrity.

Additionally, we receive an annual audit and have recently received church

accreditation from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Our Stewardship

Team also meets monthly to review our financial statements and provide oversight of

our financial practices.

How is the Budget Created?

Rock Bridge establishes funding for our mission and various ministries through a

process that includes drafting multiple versions of a budget before a final draft is

submitted to the congregation. Staff members begin the process with a preliminary

draft. Our Pastor of Operations, David Park, works with the staff and interfaces with the

Stewardship Team to review and adjust this preliminary document.

A subset of Directional Elders then reviews the budget draft, continuing to refine the

budget towards it final form.

After review by the Elders, the budget is submitted and recommended to the

membership for adoption.

The bottom line is that our annual budget goes through a process that sees our ministry

funding proposals pass through several “sieves” in order to produce the final draft.

What is in the Annual Budget?

Our budget is organized around a few broad categories. The categories loosely

correspond to how we describe life in Christ: love God, love others and live sent:

Love God, Love Others: Preaching & Worship; Discipleship; Care

Live Sent: Local and Global missions

Ministry Support: administration; operations; facilities

If you have additional questions about our Annual Budget, feel free to contact our

Pastor of Operations, David Park: or our Church Administrator,

Brenda McClure:, or at 706-279- 3175.

**If you are a Rock Bridge member, please click here to review the budget and

participate in the approval process.