SAVE the DATE!! Wednesday, November 2nd

Matt Evans

Posted October 18, 2016
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Our elders are calling our church together for a special day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday, November 2nd. The hope is that many of us will commit to coming together for prayer at various times throughout the day, but culminating at our First Wednesday service that night. Additionally, we hope you will consider fasting from food, social media, or something else that involves sacrifice and frees up time for prayer. Many of us hope to fast from Tuesday night at 6:30 pm until the Lord’s Supper during First Wednesday’s service.




Why are we doing this?

a) A NEW SEASON: We are preparing to enter the next phase of BOLD and need fresh wisdom and power from the Lord.

b) SPIRITUAL WARFARE IS REAL: Jesus taught that some enemies can only be dealt with through prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21).

c) A DESIRE NOT TO BE AWOL: We recognize that God has ordained prayer as a wartime weapon to affect the accomplishment of His purpose. No AWOL soldiers at Rock Bridge!

d) NOTHINGNESS: We acknowledge that apart from God, we can do nothing!

What specifically will we be praying for on this day?

  • Wisdom for the season we are in as a church
  • Favor from the Lord for salvations and disciple-making
  • The Holy Spirit to empower our church for God’s glory
  • Spiritual protection from deception, unbelief and the schemes of the enemy
  • America as we choose our next president

How do I fast?

We’ll be providing some more resources on this soon. Right now, just begin to pray for this season and how you might seek Him in fresh ways through fasting. If you feel ill-equipped, unqualified, or that you just can’t do it … that’s awesome because weakness is the GOAL of fasting because weakness increases our dependence on the Lord!!!

  • If you have never fasted before, consider fasting over lunch on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd.
  • If you have medical issues and need to eat, consider fasting from something you do every day such as using social media, watching TV, or drinking coffee. The purpose of fasting is not abstaining from food but focusing more intently through sacrifice on the Lord Jesus.
  • If you fast from eating, drink plenty of fluids, including shakes and smoothies!