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Below is a summary of the truths, principles, and guidelines Rock Bridge would aspire to as we make disciples of Jesus and act as “salt and light” in the world in which we find ourselves.




1) The central issue is the Lordship & Kingship of Jesus Christ.

We must be careful not to make sexuality appear as the central “platform” of Christianity. We must be careful not to create a special category of sins or sinners. At the center of Christianity is a cross and a crown. Jesus bore the cross, and Jesus gets the crown. We cannot align with Jesus only when we agree with Him; if so, we fail to understand the scope of His authority and the breadth of His reign.


2) God loves people from “all walks of life.” (This includes the homosexual.)

We can’t define “all walks of life” too narrowly. God loves sinners. Period. No one measures up to God’s holiness. No one bears His image perfectly. No one is beyond His grace and love.



3) The Bible is clear on what constitutes sexual sin.

Many people undoubtedly question or deny the authority of the Bible. Others would seek to reinterpret the Bible to justify or excuse certain behaviors. While others debate the Bible’s authority, at Rock Bridge we accept not only the Bible’s authority, but we also seek to interpret it with integrity.

We cannot deny that Jesus strongly affirmed marriage as between one man and one woman. We cannot deny that Paul called homosexual acts sins, and that in Romans 1 his argument against homosexual behavior was based on God’s design in creation.

We cannot deny that the Church for nearly 2000 years has universally viewed homosexual behavior as sinful behavior (only in the last 20 years or so has there been any debate on this issue).

However, we can’t limit the Bible’s sexual ethics to only homosexuality. The Bible teaches a sexual ethic of purity. Purity covers way more than most of us realize. We all must pursue repentance and purity in the area of sexuality, understanding that human sexuality (including gender) is spiritual, sacred, and to be sanctified to Jesus as Lord.



4) Our attitude toward others must be humility, not hostility.

Christians speak as those who were “dead in [our] … sins … but made alive with Christ” (Ephesians 2:1-5). Christians speak as those who apart from God can do nothing (John 15:5). Therefore, we must be humble and gracious, compassionate and merciful. There is no place for hostility, condemnation, or alienation.



5) Ultimate joy and happiness are ultimately found in Jesus, not in sexuality or sexual experiences.

Our society teaches that a person cannot be happy or fulfilled without sexual satisfaction. We must reject this lie and the confusion and despair it brings to those who believe it. The joy we seek is found in the Person of Christ. Therefore, we cannot say to someone, “Stop what you are doing (sexually)” without saying to them “Here is the One (God in Christ) your heart was made for.”

We cannot overcome sexual urges, temptations, or deceptions unless we have a greater affection for Christ. We are not seeking to convert people from a particular sexual orientation, but to convert people to Christ as Lord, King, Savior, and eternal and infinite Treasure.