Our Next Staff Position: Executive Pastor (XP)

Matt Evans

Posted October 3, 2016
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Our Next Staff Position: Executive Pastor (XP)

What? Why? When?

Off and on for several years, our church has contemplated creating the position of Executive Pastor (XP) within our organization. The impulses for this consideration have been driven by two factors: the growing complexities and dynamics of our ministry and the limitations and capacities of our current leadership. Due to the size and scope of our ministry and our team, more attention and energy are required for collaboration, coordination, and implementation. We have learned that we are one of the few churches our size or larger in America that currently does not have an XP.

Increasingly, Matt is being drawn into details and problem solving that—while necessary—pull him away from championing our strategic direction, from prayer, communication, and teaching. In effect, over the past several months, his prayer and study time have diminished substantially; we discern this to be a precarious position for him and the church. Additionally, we are seeing that our staff need more clarity, more communication, more coaching, and more support. We believe that these issues could create an unhealthy climate and culture within our staff where miscommunication, lapses in ministry execution, and lack of accountability exist.

Additionally, our elders foresee that these challenges will only increase as we continue to multiply campuses and expand our discipleship and missional outreach. Our elders foresee the need for an infusion of additional leadership gifts within our church body to help us not only solve our present challenges, but prepare for the future Kingdom opportunities we anticipate by God’s grace and for His glory.

As a result, we see the need for someone in our organization to focus on implementation of vision and ministry priorities, coordination between departments and campuses, supporting our staff by providing coaching and resources, and helping us prepare organizationally for the next season of fruitfulness God will bring to RBCC.
The XP role is designed specifically to focus on these organizational dynamics of robust coordination, clear direction, follow-through, and execution. Additionally, the XP serves the staff by ensuring they have the share of resources they need. The XP can function like the human “nerve center,” ensuring the right things get done the right way so that harmony and faithfulness to our vision and values prevail.

We will be using the ministry search firm, Vanderbloemen Search Group, to help us identify the finalists for this new role on our team. Potential candidates should apply through the link above.