Our mission is to glorify God by connecting people from all walks of life to life in Christ through age-appropriate intentional environments, relevant teaching, and small groups. What does it mean to follow Jesus and experience His life as our very own?

These questions are answered by 6 words: Love God, Love Others, Live Sent. These words summarize the abundant life Jesus offers, the joy-filled path of pursuing life in His kingdom, and the privilege of participating in His mission. Learn more about Love God, Love Others, Live Sent.

We are passionate about Jesus Christ. He is the reason we exist. We come as we are; we believe everyone matters to God and, therefore, matters to us. We are committed to following and becoming more like Jesus every day.


We are one church with several locations serving multiple communities in Northwest Georgia and the Tennessee Valley: Calhoun, Chatsworth, Dalton, Ringgold, and Hixson. We share the same teaching, ministry experience, budget, and values. We use broadcast video to deliver the same teaching content to all campuses; this allows us to be united under the same teaching.


As a church we use the Holman Christian Standard Bible. The HCSB is precise and accurate in its translation, the Name of God is given special significance, and it reads in a clear manner. If you need a Bible we would love to give you one at any of our Connection Centers.


We create environments for kids and students that are designed to connect them to life in Christ. RBKids is our environment during services for kids 6 weeks through 5th grade. The LINK is the environment for 6th-12th graders that meets on Sunday nights. For more information visit the pages for kids and students.


We care about all the people who come to Rock Bridge and we are here through life's ups and downs. We can help with counseling, visitation, pastoral services, and financial or physical needs. If we can help care for you please e-mail care@rockbridge.cc.

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER - Rock Bridge 360

Membership at Rock Bridge is more than having a name on a list or even attending a worship service. Rock Bridge members are committed to one another through consistently meeting together for worship and small group, encouraging one another, serving together on ministry teams, and growing together as disciples and followers of Jesus.

Our Rock Bridge 360 events are designed for you to discover what Rock Bridge is, to connect to life in Christ, and to join up with the family mission.  You will learn your specific place in the story, and how you can become fully engaged member, living sent on God's mission.

Rock Bridge 360 is either a lunch or a dinner, depending on the campus. Visit rockbridge.cc/membership for more.


The best ways to get involved here are to serve on a ministry team and join a small group. We have a place for you to serve no matter your age or skill level, and we have a variety of small groups to meet your needs. Visit rockbridge.cc/serve and rockbridge.cc/groups for more information.