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BIG IDEA: God’s grace is big enough, so we can go to Him no matter who we are or what we’ve done.

BIBLE BASIS: Matthew 27:11-66; Luke 23

KEY VERSE: “God’s grace has now appeared. By his grace, God offers to save all people.” Titus 2:11 (NIrV)


Question: Why do you think some sins seem bigger than others?

(We have categorized in our minds and in this world what sins are big or little. God sees all our sins the same. Gossiping, Lying, cheating, taking a toy from someone, calling someone a name, or taking someone’s life. These are all sins, and God sees them all the same.) 


Question: Have you ever wondered if you’ve messed up too big or too many times to be forgiven? Why did you feel that way?

(God is always waiting for us with His arms wide open. We can never do anything to earn God’s love, or to make Him not love us. God loves us. He created us, and He wants us to look to Him at all times. God will always forgive us when we repent (to turn away from) our sins and give our lives to Him.)


 — John 3:16 “For God so loved the whole world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” 


Question: Just because Jesus will always forgive us doesn’t mean we can keep on sinning. We still have consequences for our mistakes. What are some of the consequences we might have when we sin?

(Jesus’ death on the cross is not our free ticket to keep sinning and live the way we want to live. We must change what we’re doing, and choose to be more like Jesus every day. This doesn’t mean we will be perfect, but it means that we are striving (trying) each day to grow closer to Him, and be more like Him.)

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Elementary Worship

Only King Forever (edited) – Motions DEMO from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.

O Come To The Altar-Edited from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.

Preschool Worship

Here Is Our King from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.

Alive City Bible Kids from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.