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My hope in this letter and with this resource is to convey in some way the hope that Paul had for the church at Colossae when he wrote in Colossians 2:6-7:

And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow Him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on Him.

What higher hope could I have for us as God’s people at Rock Bridge in our 20th year of existence?  What greater endeavor could we devote ourselves to than that of building our lives on Jesus and His Word?  What strength do we need more in these tumultuous times than the strength that comes from God?

Over the course of our latest message series “How To …,” we’ve been teaching some of the essential parts of “how to follow Christ.” Each message provided an acronym to help us remember and be equipped so that when faced with a challenge, an opportunity, a temptation, or a decision we would follow Jesus no matter what, knowing that following Him is always best and means the best is always yet to come!

We have put all these acronyms together in a quick reference resource as a gift to encourage you to “continue to follow” Christ, to grow in your faith, to deepen your love for Him, to worship Him, and to boldly live sent for His glory. You can also find this resource online at

Perhaps I am being naïve … but I envision some of us at work struggling with a tough choice and remembering S.T.E.P. and being able to trust God in the moment with one of His amazing promises.

Or perhaps you decided to wake up a few minutes early and read God’s Word … I picture you using H.E.A.R. as a tool to truly detect the voice of God to you through His living and active word and then using P.R.A.Y. to speak with God as Father!

Or maybe for some of you it’s in a moment of temptation … and you decide to intentionally turn to Christ in worship and W.O.R.T.H. helps your mind and heart cherish Jesus more than sin.

Wouldn’t living this way be wonderful?! Wouldn’t we experience more of the abundant life Jesus promises and the peace and joy He offers? Wouldn’t Rock Bridge look increasingly more like Jesus? Wouldn’t Jesus be glorified through us as His grace works more powerfully in us?

Be blessed and keep the faith! He is risen!

When we follow Jesus, the best really is yet to come!


About Matt Evans

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Matt Evans is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Rock Bridge Community Church in Dalton, Georgia. Matt and his wife, Beth, grew up in the Dalton area and saw the need for a church that would reach the lost, broken, de-churched, and spiritually wounded. 

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