EASTER 2019: Answered Prayer and An Opportunity to Live Our Mission

Matt Evans

Posted April 22, 2019
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We prayed.

We filled out “red cards” and shared that “We Got Hope!”

We prayed. We invited.

We prayed some more … and God moved!!!!

Easter 2019 is now past us on the calendar, but the opportunity is ahead of us to embody our mission and “connect people from all walks of life to life in Christ.” While our team is still processing the “Easter” cards, the number of people indicating a next step is simply staggering … in fact, the numbers are inexplicable apart from God!!

  • 531 individuals committed to begin or come back to a relationship with Jesus!
  • 120 individuals are considering beginning a relationship Jesus, and 67 more let us know that they have doubts. I’m excited for them because Rock Bridge is full of people who were once considering faith questions or filled with doubt.
  • Over 400 individuals said they were interested in GROW, a small group designed for people looking to grow as a Christ-follower or considering faith. We want to be about disciples, not decisions. And this is a key next step for many new believers.
  • Over 275 individuals are interested in connecting further to the local church through a small group or team at CONNECT after each service on May 5th. If you are one of those people, let me encourage you to follow through and be a part of what God is doing through Rock Bridge.

Because each of these numbers represents a name, a person, and their story, we need your help to ensure they connect and take a next step.

1) PRAY: specifically, for people to follow through with their best next step, whether that be GROW, CONNECT, baptism, or coming back to church next week.

2) BE A TOUR GUIDE (not a delivery person): a delivery person’s job is finished once they drop off the package or deliver the message. Our co-laboring with God is not finished just because some attended a church service and heard the Gospel; God never called us to set attendance records but rather to make disciples.

So if you invited someone who came to church or saw someone you know at church for the first time (or the first time in a while), then please reach out to them this week. Thank them for coming, answer their questions, take them to coffee or share a meal with them, and help them get connected or take their next step.

3) KEEP YOUR EYES & HEARTS OPEN … for the guest or someone you do not know. So many people can come to a worship service and long for connection, but they leave feeling painfully disconnected. Why? Perhaps because we assumed they were known or already connected or not interested.

Thank God that we can expect to see guests and new people each week at Rock Bridge, and this could especially be true during the post-Easter season.

So let’s keep our eyes open and our hearts willing to have conversations with people who we don’t know. Let those type of conversations linger … share names, learn stories, extend invitations to your home or to share a meal.

4) PAUSE … and THANK GOD!  But keep yearning for moremore of His Spirit, His grace, His favor … for more of His glory to be known in NW Georgia and the Tennessee Valley.

Lord Jesus, we at Rock Bridge Community Church stand in awe of You every day because You died in our place and rose again in victory! Now, we have Your Holy Spirit to live in victory, not defeat, and to live boldly for You and Your Kingdom. Give us a holy discontentment and a holy thirst. Don’t let us settle for less than You have purchased with Your Son’s blood, promised in Your Word, and provided by Your Spirit’s power. Please give us more of Yourself and Your favor. We want Your Name exalted higher in our hearts, in our communities, and in the world!! AMEN!