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Archive for July 2018

The Struggle to Stop

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There are certain sins, habits, and issues in my life where I’ve struggled to truly repent. I’ve prayed, promised to do better next time, memorized Scripture … only to fall again. However, there are other sins and sinful patterns that are not issues in my life and others still where repentance is quick and enduring.…

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A Lot Depends on Doctrine

“It all depends on how you look at it.” We’ve all heard that statement and lived it out in one way or another in how we view events, circumstances, work, politics, and God. This statement explains why some people respond with pessimism or cynicism and others with hope and optimism. Our reaction to something is…

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HOPE Homeless Ministries

HOPE Homeless Outreach is a mission through Rock Bridge Community Church and was created out of the Hixson campus.  HOPE Initiatives are an effort to mobilize our church to serve people in our communities who are hurting, Outside faith in Jesus, Experiencing poverty, and through educational partnerships.  Our mission is to reflect Rock Bridge’s by…

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