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Archive for February 2016

Who to Vote for in 2016? — Part 3

If you haven’t, read Part 1 and Part 2. In today’s political world, pro-choice is often equated with being pro-women. If you are pro-choice, then you are for a woman’s right to privacy, for a woman’s reproductive rights, and for a woman’s advancement. However, in a bit of historical irony, Alice Paul who helped get…

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Who to Vote for in 2016? — Part 2

In Part 1 of this series of posts, we discussed voting for the most vulnerable people in our nation—the 1,000,000 unborn who most likely will be aborted. Like most issues, the subject of abortion cannot and should not be reduced to a slogan or a ballot box only issue. One of the underlying causes of…

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Who to Vote for in 2016? — Part 1

There is no doubt about it—politics is polarizing. Perhaps that is why I’ve been reluctant as a pastor to say too much about candidates, elections, and how to vote… other than that we should vote. However, this year is going to be different because I’m going to tell you who I think you should vote…

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