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Archive for January 2016

Is It OK to Go to War?

Please choose a color: In this past weekend’s message we read Jesus taught that we are not to resist an evildoer and to love our enemies (Matthew 5:38-44). A logical and timely question then becomes, “Is war wrong?”   This question has been debated throughout the history of Christianity. Until around the 4th Century—when Christianity became…

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Weakness Exploited

The Advantage of Weakness   We are not accustomed to embracing weakness. In our culture, being strong (or appearing strong) is the goal. Additionally, our pride whispers the idea that strength is what matters. Yet in Jesus’ Kingdom we encounter the radical and “contrary to popular belief” concept that God blesses and uses those who…

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Moving, Not Drifting.

God is always moving; yet we tend to drift.   The Bible and history show us that God is always moving. He moves to save, to bring justice, to restore, to form a people for Himself, and to exalt Jesus. However, we tend to drift … and we never drift toward God or good things. Think about…

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