RBKids Online Service – June 18 & 21

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Watch the Large Group worship service together as a family and then continue the conversation with the discussion questions below. Download the fun Small Group activities on the right to help your kids learn more! The worship songs are added separately below so your kids can play them over and over.

Thanks for worshipping with us today!

RBKids Large Group Worship Service

RBKids Online JUNE 18_21 from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.

Main Point: God calls us to honor Him by being careful with our words!

Bible Basis: James 3; 1 Samuel 25

Key Verse: “The tongue is a small part of a person’s body. But it talks big. Think about how a small spark can set a big forest on fire.”  – James 3:5

Small Group Discussion Questions:

  • Think about something really nice that someone has said to you. How did that make you feel? What about when someone said something mean to you? (Take answers from your kids. Help them understand how it makes others feel when we say either nice or mean things to them too!)
  • Why do you think the Bible warns us about how we use our tongue? (When we say mean things to others, we can’t take those words back. The words that we say to others can either really build them up or really tear them down, that’s why it’s important to choose kind things to say!)
  • What could you do that would help you to be more careful with your words? (James 1:19 says, “My dear brothers and sisters, pay attention to what I say. Everyone should be quick to listen. But they should be slow to speak. They should be slow to get angry.” Sometimes when we are angry we tend to say mean things. Our mean words can come out really quickly and then we can’t take them back! This verse teaches us that we should slow down and think about what we’re going to say first so that we don’t say things out of anger.)


Better Than The Best Thing-DEMO from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.

Undefeated DEMO from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.