RBKids Online Service – June 11 & 14

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Watch the Large Group worship service together as a family and then continue the conversation with the discussion questions below. Download the fun Small Group activities on the right to help your kids learn more! The worship songs are added separately below so your kids can play them over and over.

Thanks for worshipping with us today!

RBKids Large Group Worship Service

RBKids Online JUNE 11_14 from Rock Bridge Community Church on Vimeo.

Main Point: God calls us to love and treat everyone the same!

Bible Basis: James 2:1-13, Luke 17:11-9

Key Verse: “My brothers and sisters, you are believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ.  So treat everyone the same.”  – James 2:1

Small Group Discussion Questions:

  • How would you have felt if you were one of the lepers in today’s story? Why? (If you were someone who had leprosy, you wouldn’t have been able to hang out with your friends and family. Nobody wanted to be around you because of your sickness. People would even act disgusted when someone with leprosy came around. That must have been very lonely and sad to be treated this way! Jesus chose to heal the lepers and get rid of their sickness. The one leper who came back to thank Jesus showed his gratitude and joy because of how Jesus had treated him.)
  • Why do you think Jesus treated the lepers the way He did? (God has created each of us in His own likeness. He also created us to be different and unique, special in our own way! God loves each of us and wants us to treat one another in the same way He would—with love!)
  • When we treat everyone the same, we are showing people who Jesus is! Brainstorm some ways that you can show others who Jesus is this week. (Take time to write down a few of these ideas. Make a plan to try one of these things together as a family this week!)


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