Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving! Volunteers from the 104th Fighter Wing prepare a Thanksgiving feast with the help of community partners for the local Boys and Girls Club in Western Massachusetts! Tech Sgt. Lauren Gallagher and Senior Airman Kayla Gallagher of the 104th Fighter Wing, prepare stuffing for the annual tradition. (U.S. Air National Guard Photo by Senior Master Sgt. Julie Avey)

HOPE Homeless Ministries

Contact: Wanda Espy

→ 825espy@gmail.com

HOPE Homeless Outreach is a mission through Rock Bridge Community Church and was created out of the Hixson campus.  HOPE Initiatives are an effort to mobilize our church to serve people in our communities who are hurting, Outside faith in Jesus, Experiencing poverty, and through educational partnerships.  Our mission is to reflect Rock Bridge’s by loving God, loving others, and living sent.  We serve the homeless community in the Chattanooga area by providing meals, portable food items, clothing, gear (such as tents and tarps), and toiletry items.  We don’t give out items by expecting recipients to hear a sermon but our hope is others will see our actions as a reflection of King Jesus.

We don’t take close-up pictures of anyone while serving, but we do post photos of items collected and we share our experiences, always being respectful of others.

For more information and to get involved, please contact Wanda Espy at 825espy@gmail.com or Laura Blair at lrblair@gmail.com.

What is H.O.P.E.

HOPE Initiatives are an effort to mobilize our church to serve people in our communities who are Hurting, Outside faith in Jesus, experiencing Poverty, and through Educational partnerships