Calhoun Elders

  • Michael Earnest
  • Donny Holmes
  • Jason Ponder
  • Tim Erwin
  • Michael Ogles
  • Roy Bennett

Chatsworth Elders

  • Anthony West
  • Shane Stone
  • TJ Caylor
  • Vic Webb

Dalton Elders

  • Preston Bivens
  • Doug Davis
  • Joel Goldberg
  • Eric Hildebrand
  • Frank Hogshead
  • Steve Knox
  • Manuel Meza
  • Chuck Morgan
  • Jaime Rivera
  • Kurt Teasley
  • Keith Woodason

Hixson Elders

  • David Thomas
  • Rob McCoy
  • Terry Schertzer

Ringgold Elders

  • Clay Cross
  • David Clowers
  • Michael Anchondo
  • Shannon Miners


Rock Bridge has 20 Elders who are approved by the church membership to serve 3-year terms. Elders may serve two consecutive terms. The Lead Pastor serves continually as an elder because of his position.

Biblically, Elders have three major areas of responsibility and influence:

  • SHEPHERDING & PASTORING: Elders care for and protect God’s people and the unity of the church.
    • Hospital visits
    • Prayer for and with people
    • Membership and connecting with new members & believers
    • Church discipline
  • OVERSEEING & DISCERNING: The Elders give oversight to the overall health and direction of the church. They also continually seek to discern God’s will for Rock Bridge.
    • Overseeing the church budget.
    • Reviewing ministries and indicators of church health
    • Providing accountability to the Lead Pastor and staff
  • TEACHING & GUARDING: Elders must have a solid knowledge of God’s Word to teach individuals and groups truth and ensure the “whole counsel of God” is taught to the church.  In the Bible, Elders protected the church from false doctrines.

As RBCC has grown and changed over the years, how the Elders fulfill those 3 roles has changed. The Elders are less involved in day-to-day decisions and give more time to setting directions and boundaries for the staff, providing wise counsel, maintaining the big picture ‘vision’ of the church, and praying continually for God’s will for the church.  Practically, RBCC Elders perform 4 key functions:

  1. Setting direction & boundaries: The Elders are not expected to dictate ministries or programs; however they help set boundaries and determine overall priorities for our ministries.
  2. Provide wise counsel: Elders spend a good amount of time praying and discussing the church’s direction, health, and possible initiatives. By living outside of the daily grind of the church, Elders offer an invaluable perspective that staff can often miss.
  3. Brakes: Our Elders hold the keys to accountability. Should anything go amiss with a staff member or ministry, the elders can “slam on the brakes” and stop anything at anytime.
  4. Crisis team in waiting: Elders are available to work through and resolve tough decisions, sharp disagreements, and dicey issues.

Directional Elder Selection

The Directional Elders provide holistic and comprehensive oversight to the Church. They help steward the Church’s resources, provide wise counsel and strategic consensus regarding the Church’s direction, and seek to maximize effective and positive leadership throughout the Church. The Bylaws limits the number of Directional Elders to between five (5) and eleven (11), including the Lead Pastor.
Selection Process:
  • Prior to becoming a Directional Elder, at least one (1) year as a Campus Elder must be served.
  • Directional Elders should have interests and gifts in one or more of the following areas: finances, human resources, strategic planning, organizational dynamics, project management, etc.
    • Spiritual gift-mix of Directional Elders: leadership, administration, and/or discernment/wisdom.
    • Directional Elders must focus more on Rock Bridge as a whole than on their own particular campus.
  • No campus may have more than four (4) Directional Elders serving at one time.
  • The Lead Pastor shall recommend to the Directional Elder board potential new members.
  • The Elder Chair and Vice-Chair/Secretary will both be Directional Elders
    • Directional Elders shall nominate one or more of their peers for service as Elder Chair and Vice-Chair/Secretary.
    • The Lead Pastor shall select a Chair and Vice-Chair/Secretary from among those receiving at least three (3) peer nominations.
    • The initial term shall be a two (2) year term and may be renewed. However, after the initial term, all successive terms are one (1) year terms.