Rock Bridge has partnered with Roan Elementary School as part of our HOPE Initiative.  If you are interested in becoming a School Based Buddy (also called Bobcat Buddy), please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Application

Click here to download the application. Please print the application, fill it out, and return it to Tony Helton at Rock Bridge.  You may drop it off at the church office, or scan and email it to  

Step 2: Mandated Reporter Training

Please watch this video in its entirety, and then complete the form below to acknowledge that you understand your role as a mandated reporter.  
  • By entering my name below, I affirm that these acknowledgements were made be me personally, and that I watched the Mandated Reporter training video in its entirety.

Step 3: Matching

The matching process is completed by school personnel.  The child’s parent will receive a notification that a buddy is available for their child, and the parent must complete a consent form to allow the match.  Once the parental consent form is received, the buddy and child will be introduced at the school.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I visit my little buddy?

You will be connected with the child’s teacher to determine the best time for visits.  Usually, teachers and buddies are able to find a time that is convenient for everyone involved.  Lunch time is the most common visitation time among buddies.

What can I do with my little buddy?

The nature of buddy visits is largely determined by the child’s teacher.  If the child has been selected because of educational needs, his or her teacher might have learning activities on hand for the visits.  However, most children are selected because they just need another caring adult.  Buddy visits are most often social in nature.  Buddies can play games (provided at the counseling office), eat lunch, go to the gym (if available), or just talk with their little buddies.

Can I take my buddy outside the classroom?

You may take your little buddy outside the classroom if the teacher allows.  However, you should always ensure that you stay in visible areas while visiting your buddy.  Never go into closed areas, especially storage closets, together with your buddy.  If you need to access one of these areas, tell your buddy to remain outside while you go inside.

Can I take my buddy off campus?

No.  As a buddy, you are not permitted to take your little buddy away from the school campus.

Can I visit my buddy outside of school?

Visits to little buddies outside of school should only be made with the consent of the child’s parent or guardian.

Can I contact my little buddy’s parent or guardian?

The parental consent form provides the parent with the option to be contacted by the buddy.  If the parent allows contact, the buddy may request the parent’s contact information.

Can I give gifts to my little buddy?

Yes.  Please ask your little buddy’s teacher before giving a gift to ensure that the gift is acceptable.  It is also advised to ask the little buddy’s parent or guardian (if possible) before giving a gift.