Begins Wed. Jan. 27 @ 6:30pm


Begins Sun. Jan. 17 @ 9am


Begins Sun. Jan. 24 @ 11am


Begins Sun. Jan. 24 @ 4pm   This study is an extremely practical, action-oriented, and biblically-based study. Participants in this 6 session study will be inspired to take charge of their finances. Key Lessons
  • How to use the ‘I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.’ Ladder
  • How to fund their Plans, Hopes, & Dreams
  • How to develop a spending plan that actually works
  • Strategies for eliminating debt
  • The date individual will become debt-free
  • Amount of money needed for retirement
  • The power of compound interest
  • Investing
  • Insurance
Each session has the following format
  • Lesson via DVD (20 to 35 minutes)
  • Group discussion for remaining time
  • Life change!

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