In pursuit of the excellence we require, employees and volunteers in certain areas must complete a background check before employment or volunteer service is finalized. This release and authorization acknowledges that Rock Bridge Community Church may now, or at any time while you are volunteering or employed by Rock Bridge, contact personal references and receive any criminal history record(s) pertaining to you which may be in the file(s) of any federal, state, county, or local criminal justice agency in any state and/or other information deemed necessary to fulfill job requirements. In addition, Rock Bridge may be conducting a credit report. By signing below, I authorize Secure Search and any of its agents and/or designated representatives to fully disclose orally, electronically, and/or in writing the results of this verification process and/or interview to the designated authorized representatives of Rock Bridge Community Church. I do hereby forever release and discharge Rock Bridge Community Church, its employees, Secure Search and its associates to the full extent permitted by the law from damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses, or any other charge(s) of complaint filed with any agency arising from the retrieving and reporting of information. I do hereby certify that all of the statements and answers set forth on the application form are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree that any copy of this document is as valid as the original. Note: The following information is NOT considered part of your application for employment or volunteering. It is used for identification and verification purposes.