Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to glorify God by connecting people from all walks of life to life in Christ.

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What does it mean to follow Jesus and experience His life as our very own?

These questions are answered by 6 words: Love God, Love Others, Live Sent. These words summarize the abundant life Jesus offers, the joy-filled path of pursuing life in His kingdom, and the privilege of participating in His mission.

Following Jesus in a personal relationship with Him, we love God as a response to His great love for us. We do this by spending intentional time with Him together in weekly worship services, First Wednesday services, and individually in Time with God.

Encouraging each other along the way, we love others in community that equips and encourages each of us toward growth. Small Groups provide each of us with an environment to invest in these relationships. Ministry Teams show love for others by their service and experience love from one another on the team.

Demonstrating and declaring God’s love to the world around us, we live sent as witnesses to how Jesus changed us. We do this through local HOPE initiatives, global missions, and building bridges to others by serving them, sharing our stories, and inviting them to a worship service.

We are passionate about Jesus Christ. He is the reason we exist. We come as we are; we believe everyone matters to God and, therefore, matters to us. We are committed to following and becoming more like Jesus every day.

Our Values

1. We are Kingdom Seekers

As biblically informed, Spirit-empowered followers of King Jesus, we are ambassadors of His coming Kingdom, called to declare and demonstrate His reign to our communities and to all nations.
– Key Verse: Matthew 6:33

2. We are Bridge Builders

We are focused on those who are not yet connected to Jesus and His church; therefore, we strive to reach people by breaking barriers and filling gaps of division with love, grace, and truth.
– Key Verses: 1 Corinthians 9:23; Ephesians 2:14

3. We Break the Huddle

We have a bias toward action, readily taking the next step based on clear vision.
– Key Verses: James 1:22; Matthew 28:19

4. We Strive for Excellence

Excellence honors God and inspires people. Motivated by God’s greatness, we are committed to bringing our best in our example, our character, our service to others, and our worship of Him.
 Key Verses: 1 Corinthians 10:33; Colossians 3:23

5. We are One

We are united under King Jesus as one church with one vision. We passionately protect and pursue unity.
– Key Verse: John 17:20-23

At Rock Bridge, we value membership and believe being part of a church family is integral to your growth as a disciple. All In is a bi-monthly event where you'll have an opportunity to meet with leaders, connect with others, and learn about who you are in Christ.

At All In, we'll share about what drives ministry, what membership means, and help you discover your best next step. Whether that's connecting to a small group, joining a ministry team, getting baptized, or something else, we are committed to helping you grow in your journey with Jesus!

Rock Bridge provides a number of ways for you to connect to our church, follow Jesus in everyday life, and utilize the gifts you've been given.

The best ways to get involved here are to serve on a ministry team and join a small group. We have a place for you to serve no matter your age or skill level, and we have a variety of small groups to meet your needs.