2017 Mission Trips

A Rock Bridge mission trip is a week-long team-experience that strategically serves one of our international partners. Participants on each trip are typically part of a Team with 6-25 people.

We partner with Compassion International, Living Water, and Local Strategic Ministries around the world. We work in partnership with those we are serving, while providing opportunities that fit the skills, gifts, and talents of each team member. Specific goals of mission trips range from assisting church partnerships with camps, building wells, coaching leaders, and using English to help people discover the Gospel.

We have created a preparation process for every mission trip and team member. This process prepares the team members to represent Jesus to people whose cultures are different. Securing visas and raising trip support will be covered, and emphasis will be put on preparing for the journey and culture. Our hope is that each participant will have a trip that leads to a more profound connection with Christ and the people they encounter. The Team will meet together to prepare for the mission trip, pray, plan logistics, and facilitate fundraising.

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| Pray for our teams as they serve around the world! |

HAITI – June 3-10

MOLDOVA – June 7-16 (Young Adults)

ETHIOPIA – June 8-17

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – June 18-25 (Students)

NICARAGUA – June 19-26 (Students & Young Adults)

HONDURAS – June 24-July 1

FLORIDA – June 25-July 1 (Families)

UKRAINE – June 28-July 6

NASHVILLE, TN – July 17-22 (Students)

HONDURAS – October 21-28

HAITI – November 11-18