At Rock Bridge, our mission is to Glorify God by connecting people from all walks of life to life in Christ.  We define life in Christ as LOVING GOD, LOVING OTHERS, and LIVING SENT.  LOVING GOD is the foundation of our connection to life in Christ, and LOVING GOD is about a personal relationship with God that involves participation in worship and giving, and a personal TIME WITH GOD.



Each week we provide a printed devotional in the lobby areas as well as a digital version through mobile subscription.  This devotional tool is about having a personal TIME WITH GOD each day.  God loves, us and wants to spend time with us.  We participate in a personal TIME WITH GOD in three primary ways:
  • Time in His word, reading it to understand Him and His will for our lives.
  • Time in Prayer, communicating to Him our needs and desires, and seeking to align ourselves with His will.
  • Time Journaling, recording what He reveals to us through prayer and His word, and remembering His faithfulness to us.
Each weekday there will be a dovtional entry with a scripture reading, a devotional thought, and some questions followed by a closing prayer.


If you would like to receive the devotional by text to a mobile device, text ‘TWG’ to 706-671-2171.  


If you are ready to study the Bible on your own and move past the devotional materials, consider picking a reading plan, or pick a book of the Bible and begin!  Included is a SOAP bible study method description to help you make the most of studying God’s word for yourself.