An exciting new small group curriculum to help our entire church to LIVE SENT and better equip ourselves to share Jesus with others.

Introducing: Tell Someone! from Alfred Turley on Vimeo.  

What is it?

  • A three session small group curriculum that you can lead your group through immediately!
  • No video required, just print the leader guide and participant guides for each session.
  • One take home activity included, to help participants understand their “style” of sharing.
  • Leaders should read through beforehand, but get ready for God to help your group get a better understanding of evangelism the way God intended.

What is covered?

  • We will talk about WHY we should share Jesus and that when we get that right people will feel it and know we care.
  • We will also talk about our own individual styles of sharing and how to use them.  We shouldn’t feel bad because we’re not a professional evangelist!
  • We will learn the power of sharing our own story of Jesus and how that can help us reach others.
  • We will learn a clear and simple way to share the Gospel with others that is simple and reproducible!

Downloadable Guides and Activities:

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