Discovering Your Spiritual Survey

  God has given each and every one of us talents and gifts that He wants us using for His mission of building His church. As Paul states in 1 Corinthians: “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts… try to excel in gifts that build up the church.” [1 Corinthians 14:1]

How do I receive Spiritual Gifts?

  • Start your journey as a Christ-follower.
  • All Christ followers have the Holy Spirit living inside them, and He is the source of these gifts.
  • Ask for the Lord to give you spiritual gifts, and reveal them to you.
  • Apply yourself to learning about spiritual gifts and growing in them

Spiritual Gift Descriptions

  • Contains a list of all the major biblically described gifts and associated scriptures.
  • Also contains suggested ministries to volunteer in based on gifts.

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