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WE ARE KINGDOM SEEKERS WE ARE BRIDGE-BUILDERS. WE BREAK THE HUDDLE WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE. WE ARE ONE. At Rock Bridge, these 5 core values have driven us to be bold in working to connect people from all walks of life to life in Christ. These values have protected us from complacency and propelled us to pursue ever-increasing faithfulness to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). When something has hindered our capacity to connect people, we have acted. When an opportunity to demonstrate the Kingdom has appeared, we have seized it. Doing nothing has never been an option for Rock Bridge Community Church! Today, we have a responsibility to act and an opportunity to seize. All four of our campuses are facing facility challenges and are continuing growth in attendance and baptisms, powerful stories of life change, and are expanding the impact of our H.O.P.E. initiatives, we are ready to yet again break the huddle with a BOLD move for the Kingdom of God. We believe that being bold is part of being faithful, part of believing in the power of the Gospel to make disciples, and part of who we are as Rock Bridge Community Church. Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 3:12 explain the basis for our boldness: “Therefore, we are ready, since we have such a hope, we are very BOLD.” So we ask– If, in light of God’s favor upon this church, the power of the Gospel, our present challenges and opportunities, and our Commission from God, what does BOLD faithfulness look like for the next 5 years? First let’s look what BOLD faithfulness has looked like for the past 13 years.




10,000… this number aims Rock Bridge at BOLD faithfulness. We can position our church to effectively reach and connect 10,000 people to life in Christ. Not 10,000 attenders. Not 10,000 spectators. But 10,000 disciples actively connected to Christ in a saving relationship with Him and pursuing life in Him.


  • 25 adults went bold to start this church.
  • We went bold to launch multiple congregations across this region
  • We boldly launched a non-traditional Thursday night service, Rock Bridge PM.
  • We went bold to impact our communities with H.O.P.E.


  • Building fully optimized campus facilities in Chatsworth and Calhoun…and attempting to do so without incurring debt;
  • Being ready to seize a land or facility opportunity in Ringgold;
  • Optimizing Dalton’s facilities to maximize the flow of people in and out of our venues and children’s spaces;
  • Launching more campuses across our region and perhaps online;
  • Increasing our missions giving to greater than 15%;
  • Raising up more leaders to ignite discipleship in small groups and through mentoring;
  • All of us who are at Rock Bridge now (because someone boldly invited us, invested in us, prayed for us, walked along side us, shared with us, etc) asking this question before the Lord:



  • We are not pursuing a number; we are increasing our faithfulness.
  • When this process is over, we want to be more like Jesus.
  • Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts: every gift and every contribution matters to God.
  • This is a spiritual process (not a mathematical equation).


  • Launch more Small Groups;
  • Celebrate more baptisms;
  • Become more like Jesus;
  • Expand H.O.P.E. initiatives;


  • Victory Target          [ $5.5 million ]
  • Challenge Target     [ $6.5 million ]
  • Miracle Target         [ $8 million ]


  • How can I give to BOLD?
  • Online:
  • Mobile: Text “give bold” to 706-671-2171
  • Cash or Check designated to “BOLD”
  • Should I direct my regular giving to BOLD? No, your giving to the BOLD Initiative should be above and beyond your regular giving.
  • How will we pay for this? The Elders will lead us through a spiritual process that will involve a combination of reserve funds, special giving initiatives, and potentially bank financing.
  • What will the total cost be? Our Stewardship Team has road mapped the opportunities for all 4 campuses and believes the cost will not exceed 9.5 million over a 5 year period. However, there are several variables that we cannot estimate at this time (construction costs, the specific opportunity that might arise in Ringgold, etc.).
  • What is the order & timeline of construction? Chatsworth construction is scheduled to begin in late August as we are currently continuing our planning phases. Calhoun and Ringgold currently have leases (less than 2 years remaining) that are a factor in the timing of construction or renovation of those campuses.
  • Can I give non-cash assets? (Bonds, vehicles, real estate, jewelry, etc.)Yes. To give non-cash assets email,

This is an exciting time to be part of God’s church. At Rock Bridge, we share a history of bold steps taken for God’s glory… and for not-yet Christians, for the next generation, and for those who need hope. Taking bold steps not only expands our Kingdom impact, but it also changes us to be more like Jesus. We are never more like Jesus than when we give, when we serve, and when we radically depend on God. This is what BOLD is all about. This is the thrill of living in God’s Kingdom today and fully anticipating our reward when Christ comes again. So once again, we challenge ourselves to be faithful and to walk by faith and not by sight, as we are compelled by Christ’s love and motivated by the hope we have in Him to go BOLD!