Out of the Boat

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Rock Bridge, I am writing this to you not only as your Lead Pastor, but also as a member of this amazing body of believers that I love so much. My calling and passion to serve as Lead Pastor of Rock Bridge, faithfully preaching God’s Word and providing strategic vision and leadership remains as strong… Read more »

Keys to a Strong Finish

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Opening day. The first day of school. The wedding. First day on the job. Baptism. We love to celebrate the start. However, a strong start does not translate into a strong finish. The Bible is more into celebrating strong, faithful-to-the-end finishes. “… the one who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:13, NLT)… Read more »

To Give? Or Not To Give?

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and other questions I get about tithing… As Christ-followers we must wrestle honestly with the Bible’s teachings about money, stewardship, and generosity. As we wrestle, we will inevitably experience the tension of how the world views money versus how God views money. These tensions will create some questions, and below are several great questions I’ve… Read more »

The AIM of Our Heart

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Living by faith, keeping in step with the Spirit, and setting our minds on things above are definitely challenging, but they are also joy-producing, peace-giving, and exhilarating pursuits. However, sometimes we get distracted, deceived, and diverted from our calling to live in the Kingdom of God because let’s face it, life can be overwhelming! So… Read more »

Perhaps BOLD-er Goal?

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This weekend we announced that God in His grace to us and sovereignty over us has given us a “perhaps.” A perhaps is when God places circumstances before us that seem to align with His promises and purposes, asking us to make faith a verb, and trust Him in a bold way for Kingdom victories…. Read more »

Why It’s a Great Time to BE the Church!

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BOLD HALFTIME WEEKEND 2017 I believe that 2017 is a wonderful time to follow Jesus and BE the church. That statement may sound naive given the political unrest and rise of people citing “none” as their religious affiliation. It may sound ignorant considering our racial divisions, the redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court, and… Read more »

BOLD: Preparing for 10K

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One of our prayers at Rock Bridge is to connect 10,000 people to life in Christ: 10,000 people in relationships and environments where they are being discipled to Jesus. We realize that while God gives the growth, He does call us to pray, to discern, and to act in cooperation with His grace and power…. Read more »

Us vs. Them

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A divisive presidential election. A protested inauguration. The Women’s March. Democrat vs. Republican. Liberal vs. Conservative. Rural vs. Urban. Blue states vs. Red States. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. Rich, poor. Black, White, Hispanic. People are divided… politically, economically, geographically, spirituality, by gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. As Christ-followers, it is easy to begin to see the… Read more »

The Annual Rock Bridge Budget: 2017

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The Annual Rock Bridge Budget: 2017 Each year Rock Bridge members have an opportunity to review and adopt our annual budget. The budget is a combination of wise stewardship, faith for the future, and fiscal restraints that strategically advance our mission and reflect our most recent priorities, while protecting the financial integrity of the church…. Read more »